4 Consequences You Could Face If You Don’t Hire An Admin Service

When we are talking about engineering centric products, technology can become a very complicated matter. Due to the complexity of these systems, many things can go wrong if they’re not properly managed.

If you decide to do some of these things yourself, your company may face some consequences. Here is a list of the common problems you could face if you choose not to hire experts to manage your engineering data management and PLM systems.

Here is a list of some common problems you could face if you choose not to hire an administrative service.


One of the worst problems you may face is extended sessions of downtime due to technology failures. For example, it is common to be unaware when your system is running out of disk space. When this happens, the Windchill system will go down. In many cases, these instances are easily overlooked without the help of a dedicated support system. The reality is, if at anytime your system is not functioning, your company will end up losing money.

Aside from preventing your businesses from making profits, a system downtime could lead you to lose access to core systems. This includes servers and back-end processors, ultimately, preventing you from doing your job. According to a study done by USA Today, 80 percent of managers reported downtime costs exceeding $50,000 per hour.



More than 70 percent of our customers do not perform routine maintenance. Without utilizing managed services, you could be missing an opportunity to prevent, find and fix system problems prior to a technology failure. How are you supposed to know if your system needs more RAM, if you should allocate more resources, or if your Windchill has been performing slow?

When you have regular performance check-ups, you will be able to improve the overall performance of your business. This also helps to avoid system downtime as you are provided with early warnings of any possible malfunctions that may occur. If a disaster strikes, you can rest easier knowing your business won’t lose any valuable data.



Not only can technology failures prevent your business from making a profit, it can also cripple the productivity of your employees. I mean nobody wants to hand out free money to those who are just sitting around simply because they are unable to do their job, am I right?

Many times, your IT department may have to work overtime to recover lost data. If the customer perception is affected, a costly marketing campaign may be the only thing to win back customers. Bottomline, the impact may be worse than you realize and your company could lose the ability for anyone to do work.



Your systems could appear to be running properly, but if they are not protected, your business could experience a security breach. If this happens, it will put your sensitive data at risk.

To help with this, it is important to have multiple layers of security measures in place. If your system is being closely monitored, you will be aware of any inconsistencies. When you have someone you trust monitoring your systems, you’ll have less to worry about. I truly believe it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your company’s data.

When you have someone you trust managing these systems, you can rest easy knowing you are being taken care of. When done correctly, you will be able to free up your IT department and focus on more important business initiatives.