About EAC

EAC is a great place to learn and grow as one big family.
Be the Best. Do it Right. Work Smart. Be Profitable. Have Fun.

Transforming the way companies design, manufacture, connect to, and service their products.


Our Vision

The vision of EAC is to provide the best product development products and services to our customers by building long-term relationships that provide continuously increasing value and optimizing their systems to extract value from converging the digital and physical world. 

Be the Best

Do it Right

Work Smart

Be Profitable

Have Fun

Executive Spotlight

Thane Hathaway | EAC Product Development Solutions

Thane Hathaway
President and CEO

I’m confident that our people, products, and services give you an advantage when you need to innovate, optimize, and win in your market.

Abe Taylor | EAC Product Development Solutions

Abe Taylor
VP of Sales
We are a sales driven organization built on customer success and referrals. Our success hinges on our learning-first approach that allows us to deliver not a solution, but the right solution for your organization.

Rob Miller | EAC Product Development Solutions

Rob Miller
VP of Connected Solutions
Whether we’re helping a customer connect an IoT proof-of- concept or implementing a smart connected technology stack, I get to help companies transform their future and develop new revenue streams. This is exciting stuff.

Dennis Eidem | EAC Product Development Solutions

Dennis Eidem
VP of Customer Success
I lead a team that leverages our deep go-to-market and strategy experience to deliver rapid ROI while building strategic capabilities for the future (Innovate, Optimize, Win). We apply technology, enterprise systems, automation, process improvement, services, training, innovation and other business strategy frameworks while keeping the human as the anchor point for transformation. 

Our Teams

EAC MarketingTraining Team

Our Product Development Academy Team is here to train and mentor you on topics that you’re most interested in. Whether you’re looking for a specific PTC training course or a comprehensive package to educate an entire department, our integrated and fully customizable approach coupled with our extensive knowledge of engineering and product development allow us to provide the best recommendations, training and student experience possible.

EAC Support and TrainingSupport Team

Our Product Development System Services Team provides your business with new customer implementations, system upgrades and data migrations, performance tuning and system optimization, integrated project management, and a variation of technical assessments. Our team of experts maintain a continuous relationship with your business to provide ease throughout your software implementation.

EAC Sales Sales Team

Our sales team are the experts at communicating with your business to find the best product or service that we have to offer. They are comprised of individuals who work closely with you to uncover your needs and find the right-sized solution for your business. Our sales reps are here to make sure you have a constant contact for whatever needs you have at any time.

EAC Engineering and DesignEngineering Team

Our Design and Engineering Services Team delivers the highest quality of work to provide you with fast and innovative design services. Our engineering experts leverage years of experience and a deep knowledge of engineering disciplines to adapt to the new industry developments and deliver solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations.

Our Partners

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Giving Back

One of our core values is giving back to the community.
Join us in our adventures with EAC Cares.

EAC Cares Volunteering | EAC Product Development Solutions
EAC Cares Volunteering | EAC Product Development Solutions
EAC Cares Volunteering | EAC Product Development Solutions
EAC Cares Volunteering | EAC Product Development Solutions
EAC Cares Volunteering | EAC Product Development Solutions
EAC Cares Volunteering | EAC Product Development Solutions