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Service Lifecycle Management 101

A customer purchased your product. Is that the end of your relationship or the beginning? To stay competitive and keep customers satisfied, companies are finding they need to provide more value. Instead of treating a product sale as end point with a customer, successful companies are thinking about how to provide value to customers as…

Start Creating Powerful AR Experiences with ThingWorx Studio

Augmented Reality uses devices such as smart glasses and phone applications to overlay digital information on the real world. The resulting experiences provide a convergence of digital and physical worlds. Isn’t this what we’ve all been waiting for? For technology to catch up with us? How did we end up here? Where did it all…

Why Engineering Processes Affect Services

The Problem: Lack of Communication Let’s be honest, engineering and manufacturing departments do not always communicate product changes to service. The Result: High Costs When technicians reference outdated product information and arrive with incorrect parts, this leads to longer service visits, extraneous costs, longer downtime, and lowered customer satisfaction. The Solution: Streamlining Information Streamline the…

Connecting to Salesforce with ThingWorx

One of the great aspects of ThingWorx is the ability to connect disparate data silos to a central IoT hub. Many of these silos are made accessible through Web APIs. RESTful Web APIs enable developers to pull data from an inexhaustible number of sources around the web; often using nothing but a HTTP URI. Salesforce has an extensive…



Jun 20, 2017

Risk, what does it mean? For some, it is crossing the street. For others, it is starting a company with the last of their own money. But, what does it mean for companies? And more importantly how do you accept and mitigate risk in order to drive improvement and growth?

Creating Value from Part Data

Service parts management provides an out-of-the-box method of generating Part Lists for the technical documentation community from a single source of information allowing organizations to be able to greatly improve the process of information delivery.

Getting Started with PTC Creo Web.Link

Many PTC Creo users may be surprised to discover that hidden in their Creo file directory, there are two powerful CAD automation tools just waiting to be utilized!

Revolutionizing Book Assembly with SIM

One challenge when working with technical information is that publications can be very large. Several hundred pages is not unusual and in some cases over a thousand pages are necessary to describe complex service procedures and part catalogs. Authoring and assembling large books can be a painful process as the sheer size can be taxing…

Part 3: Deciding Whether or Not to Customize PTC Arbortext

In the last few weeks I’ve discussed the benefits and costs of customization. This week I will review deciding whether to customize or not. If you missed these posts, you can read them here: Part 1: The Benefits of Customizing PTC Arbortext Part 2: The Cost of Customizing PTC Arbortext So how can you weigh…

Part 2: The Cost of Customizing PTC Arbortext

In my last post, ‘The Benefits of Customization,’ I told you I would review the cost of customization in my next post. If you missed it, you can find it here: Part 1: The Benefits of Customizing PTC Arbortext Of course, the benefits of customization don’t come without some associated costs. Some examples of the…