Transform the way you connect products.


The future is smart and connected. Whether you choose to build connected solutions into existing products, enter new markets, change your business model, or connect your manufacturing floor; you need to be ready. Transforming the way you connect with your products, organization, and customers all starts with smart connected design and the right Internet of Things (IoT) platform to connect and scale your business.

Transforming the way you design, manufacture, connect to, and service your products.


Businesses are adopting valuable IoT solutions to lower operating costs, increase productivity, and develop new products. The Internet of Things offers businesses opportunities to be more efficient by connecting devices with automated systems to gather information, analyze it, and create an action to learn from a process.

Connect Services

Our Connect Services helps you connect your products to the Internet of Things (IoT). Transforming the way you connect with your products allows you to stay connected with your customers on a deeper level, improving engagement, expanding opportunities for new functionality, improving customer service, achieving greater reliability, and increased product utilization.