ANSYS AIM is simulation tool that offers guided workflows, industry-leading accuracy, comprehensive physics and optimization capabilities both early on and late into design stages.

Simulation-Driven Product Development & Accurate Simulation Technology

All aspects of a simulation workflow including electromagnetics, thermals, structures, fluids, and multiphysics are accessible in a single-window design. Engineers can now predict complete product performance with accurate results.

The same solvers used in flagship ANSYS products are also used in Discovery AIM. This technology — from model setup to meshing and physics solutions — delivers the most reliable and accurate simulations.

Guided Simulation Workflows & Customization

This simulation tool drastically reduces the setup and execution of engineering simulation with its highly intuitive user interface and guided simulation workflows. The templates guide engineers through the entire simulation process and automate many routine steps. Less time is spent learning or relearning and more time is spent producing.

Tailor your simulation processes and incorporate your best practices to ensure consistency and accuracy. Custom physics objects and loads can be used to fit the simulation definition to specific tasks. Any simulation can be used as the basis for a user-defined template that is replay-able on any model.

ANSYS AIM Features

  • Perform fluid simulations, like reducing pressure drop, calculating lift and drag coefficients, evaluating fluid loads and predicting flow behavior
  • Analyze static deflections and stresses for complex parts and assemblies, which may include nonlinear contact, structural joints and large deflections
  • Determine natural frequencies and vibration characteristics of a product to understand product longevity and durability
  • Simulate static magnetic fields and current conduction to evaluate the electromagnetic performance of your designs
  • Reduce trial-and-error iterations and quickly troubleshoot unexpected problems when simulating polymer extrusion processes and evaluating die designs
  • Ensure proper design performance within an expected temperature range by accurately simulating thermal performance


ANSYS AIM is available for purchase as a floating license whereas ANSYS Discovery AIM is available as an annual subscription.

The Discovery product line is available for trial and purchase

ANSYS Discovery AIM is included in the Ultimate bundle with Discovery Live. This is the most comprehensive suite of products for design engineers to simulate more advanced engineering problems using guided workflows and ANSYS flagship solver technology.

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