ANSYS Discovery Products
for 3D Design and Simulation

Discover our newly released modeling and engineering simulations products that offer all engineers a faster, simpler way to explore and design digitally. Before you commit costly resources early in the design process use the highly intuitive Discovery product line for quick exploration of concepts and testing of critical design options.

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Discovery SpaceClaim
3D CAD software for concept modeling, design, manufacturing, reverse engineering and 3D printing.

Discovery Live
Rapid product and concept exploration powered by real-time engineering insights.

Discovery AIM
Integrated platform for simulation-driven product development that facilitates in-depth concept and design exploration.

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The Discovery product bundles are available with annual subscriptions to offer the greatest flexibility and best value.

Discovery Live Logo | EAC Product Development Solutions
Discovery Live Logo | EAC Product Development Solutions
Discovery Live Logo | EAC Product Development Solutions


Essentials Bundle

Standard Bundle

Ultimate Bundle

CAD or STL file editing and repair

Discovery SpaceClaim geometry modeling

3D part, assembly, and drawing creation

Discovery Live instant simulation

Instant engineering simulation results on any 3D file – supports structural, fluids, thermal, and modal analysis

Discovery AIM detailed simulation and guided workflows

Multiphysics engineering simulations

High-fidelity structural, fluids, thermal, and electromagnetic simulations using ANSYS flagship solvers

Robust design and optimization, journaling, scripting, expressions, UI extensions, solver command extensions, custom templates, and project wizards

Annual Subscription Pricing

$1,195 USD

$2,995 USD

$5,995 USD

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