Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) transforms volumes of data and analytics into animations overlaid onto the real world through the use of head-mounted displays, smart glasses, tablets, and smart phones.

Why do businesses need an AR solution?

AR powerfully magnifies how businesses monitor product operations and conditions, control and customize product operations remotely, provides training opportunities, and optimize product performance using real-time data. AR creates marketing opportunities for businesses to establish a strong emotional connection between their target consumers and their products. By incorporating AR into an IoT strategy, enterprises can create transformative experiences and change the way they design, produce, sell, operate, and service their products.

Our AR Solutions

We have two solutions for deploying augmented reality into your business strategy: Vuforia Studio and Vuforia Chalk.

Vuforia Studio is a fast and cost-effective solution that makes it simple to create AR experiences without writing any code. You can develop production-ready experiences, quickly import visual step-by-step instructions created in Creo Illustrate, and enhance experiences with IoT. 

Vuforia Chalk provides frontline technicians remote-guided AR assistance to solve technical challenges faster.  The technician and expert can draw digital annotations (using one’s finger on the screen) that accurately anchor to physical objects, allowing the expert to guide the technician through a process, step-by-step.

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Experience the Power of Augmented Reality

Explore ways you can apply augmented reality to your organization with our Augmented Reality Gallery by watching the short demo and then experience it for yourself. Check it out!

Value of AR Across the Enterprise


Collaborate Design Review

Digital Design

Augmented Interface


Maintenance Work Instructions

Performance Dashboards

Operator & Assembly Work Instructions


Virtual Product Demonstration

Augmented Brand Experience

Retail Space Optimization


Service Manual & Instructions

Service Inspection &

Remote Expertise



Safety & Security Training

Expert Coaching



Augmented Operator Manual

Augmented Interface

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