Form 2 

The Form 2 by Formlabs is an industry-leading SLA desktop 3D printer that delivers high-resolution parts and prototypes. 

Why do businesses need a 3D Printing solution?

Leading organizations are revolutionizing the product development world by leveraging the benefits of the latest additive manufacturing technology. The speed at which the parts can be produced compared to traditional manufacturing methods help companies get the final product in their hands faster to quicken their design processes. The ability to produce rapid and inexpensive prototyping gains more accurate precision in the final design decisions resulting in a faster time to market.

Our 3D Printing Solution – SLA Desktop 3D Printers from Formlabs

We have partnered with Formlabs as a value-added reseller to offer our clients this 3D printing product line. This desktop printer uses stereolithography (SLA) technology to create models, prototypes, and production parts. Formlabs 3D printers are the most advanced desktop 3D printers used by individuals and businesses in the product development industry today.

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CPC Form 2 Case Study | EAC Product Development Solutions

Customer Success Story – Multiple Form 2 Printers

See how CPC delivers custom parts and prototypes by using multiple 3D printers in-house. Read the case study on how the Form 2 printer allows CPC’s engineers to get a physical prototype in their hands 80-97% faster than if they were to outsource to a service bureau.

New Products from Formlabs | EAC Product Development Solutions

Strengthen your 3D Printing Process with New Products from Formlabs

Engineering Resins are formulated to withstand extensive testing and perform under stress helping you reduce costs, iterate faster, and bring better products to market.

No more sticky messes – you can go glove-free and keep parts on the build platform as they travel directly to the Form Wash to be cleaned. Finely tune your parts with an advanced heating system in the Form Cure to maximize your material properties.

The Color Kit enables you to experiment with the 3D printing of colorful parts with high resolution and a smooth surface finish.

Form 2 - Start to Finish | EAC Product Development Solutions

Start to Finish: How to create a 3D print with the Form 2

  • How does 3D printing impact my design process?
  • What is SLA technology? How does it work?
  • How fast does the Form 2 print?
  • What are the build volume restrictions?
  • How will I receive ROI on the Form 2?

Learn how you can use the stereolithography printer to reinvent your engineering process to build 3D functional parts and prototypes from start to finish.

Form 2 Formlabs SLA Desktop Printer | EAC Product Development Solutions

Low on Resin?

You can purchase more resin or create a reoccurring order.

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