Form 3L


The Form 3L is an affordable large format 3D printer designed for professionals for fast turnaround of industrial-quality parts, printed using an advanced Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) process.

The Form 3L uses Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) Technology

Low Force Stereolithography (LFS) 3D printing uses a flexible tank and linear illumination to deliver outstanding surface quality and print accuracy. Lower print forces allow for light-touch support structures that tear away with ease. This process opens up possibilities for future development of advanced, production-ready materials.

Inside the Form 3L is a redesigned optics engine, the Light Processing Unit (LPU), which contains a system of lenses and mirrors that delivers accurate, repeatable prints. Within the LPU, a galvanometer positions the high-density laser beam in the Y direction, passes it through a spatial filter, and directs it to a fold mirror and parabolic mirror to consistently deliver the beam perpendicular to the build plane.

Compatibility, Benefits, and Maintenance

For the first time, many businesses will be able to print large parts in-house for lower cost per part and faster turnaround. For instance, jewelers can print around 150 rings in a build, and dental labs can produce around 40 dental arches at once.

The Form 3L uses the same resin cartridge system as the Form 2.Form 3L is built around the same powerful LFS technology as the Form 3, for professional quality, ease of use, reliability, and versatility.

Blaze through large parts with two custom-designed Light Processing Units (LPUs). Two lasers simultaneously build large, dense parts fast.

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