Service Lifecycle Management

Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) allows your organization to ensure optimal performance, capture new revenue streams, and maintain high customer satisfaction by managing the events and experiences of your product in the field.

Why do you need a Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) solution?

Having the right-sized SLM tools allow your business to manage the events and experiences of a product. SLM software will help you create relevant work instructions, helpful operation manuals, and accurate service and maintenance procedures in multiple languages for a global market. You can create engaging 3D illustrations and experiences to navigate your products visually through illustrated part breakdowns and augmented reality. SLM allows you to observe connect product performance in real time, and capture new revenue streams with parts and service ordering and delivery operations.

Service Lifecycle Management | EAC Product Development Solutions

Our SLM Solutions

For creating service information, we recommend using Creo Illustrate and Arbortext Editor/Styler for technical illustrations, service procedures, and technical publications.

For managing service information, we recommend using Windchill Service Parts, Windchill Service Information Manager, and Arbortext Publishing Engine for accurate and reusable content which is translated for a global market.

For delivery, we recommend using InService for parts and service ordering, and Vuforia Studio for AR experiences.

We’re confident we can find the perfect Service Lifecycle Management solution for you.

Need a bit more info?

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