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Improving Product Development

EAC Product Development Solutions offers product development and manufacturing companies two kinds of assessments: a Product Development System Assessment (PDSA), and a Functional Group Assessment (FGA). Our product development experts will help you define your ‘current’ and ‘desired’ state, and create a tangible road map that articulates the steps to make the desired state a reality.

The Product Development System is driven by goals, initiatives, innovation, deadlines, departments, teams, individuals, vendors and suppliers. 

We can help you improve your
Product Development System.

Organizations are under extreme pressure to consistently increase value and innovate while decreasing the cost and time it takes to bring products to market. A Product Development System Assessment becomes the first step in defining how your organization will address these pressures and demands. A Functional Group Assessment provides an objective format for functional groups to truly understand their creation, consumption, and delivery of product data.

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