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EACLive! Remote Learning | EAC Product Development Solutions

A live learning experience that occurs in real-time through a web browser

Budget priorities play a big part in whether an organization is able to execute work-related education. We understand budgetary pressures and have created a learning format that allows clients to take certified PTC training classes from EAC without incurring the cost of travel. It’s convenient, relevant, and eliminates variable costs associated with traditional training. EACLive! is a new education tool for even the most cost-conscious engineering and manufacturing companies.


EACLive! Remote Learning – Designed for Today’s Engineers and Administrators

    • If you’re like a growing number of busy professionals, you value the ability to access information without leaving your desk. EACLive! Remote Learning offers professionals a live learning experience that occurs in real-time through a web browser. Here’s how it works:

1)  Students join the classroom from work or a home office. The class occurs through a web browser and the students and instructor engage through headsets with microphones.

2)  Students are given a unique computer ID that assigns them a specific machine in EAC’s computer lab where the instructor is located. Instructors are able to monitor student progress and provide assistance.

3)  Learning occurs in real-time. Students hear the instructor’s lecture, see the instructor’s slide presentation and demonstrations, and perform individual lab work – all with full conversational capabilities through headsets and chat windows.

PTC Training Courses | EAC Product Development Solutions
PTC Training Courses | EAC Product Development Solutions
PTC Training Courses | EAC Product Development Solutions

EACLive! Remote Learning Benefits

    • Eliminate variable travel costs for students or instructors (airfare, hotel, meals, car rental, etc.)
    • Diminish unwanted time away from job and home commitments
    • Connect virtual teams for collaborative group training
    • Eliminate waiting for a specific course to become available in your area
  • Receive the same course materials as local students—including a course manual and access to supplemental resources (whitepapers, best practice guides, etc.)

EACLive! brings education to you by leveraging technology to expand knowledge. It’s one of the many training delivery methods EAC Product Development Solutions offers our clients. Our expert instructors can teach all PTC Training Courses from the entire PTC catalog— and we can deliver it remotely, on-site, in one of our state-of-the-art training centers, or through e-Learning Subscriptions.

EACLive Remote Learning | EAC Product Development Solutions

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