Product Development Academy Education Policies

Product Development Academy Education Policies
If you decide to get PTC Certified through EAC, here is your guide to our education policies.

  • Cancellation Policy
  • Unlimited Audit Policy
  • Early Enrollment Policy

Cancellation Policy

    • If you wish to cancel or reschedule a class for which you have registered and been confirmed for in writing or via email, we will make every effort to accommodate your new requirements. However, since this involves additional costs for us, we do have a specific cancellation policy.

      A student or organization may cancel or reschedule by submitting written notice to at least 11 business days prior to the class start date. Any cancellations made after the 11 business day window will be charged 100% of the class price, even if payment information has not yet been received. If a cancellation or reschedule occurs less than 11 business days before the start date of a class, the full invoice amount must be paid. 50% will be applied as cancellation/reschedule fee, with the remaining 50% applied as a prepayment credit towards a future class. This credit must be used for any instructor-led training within six months of the original class start date regardless of the availability of the originally scheduled title. Remaining balance will be billed after six months of the original class start date.

      A student or an organization that fails to submit written notice to of a cancellation or reschedule and does not show for the class that they were registered and confirmed for in writing are obligated for 100% of the tuition. Full payment will be expected with no credit towards a future offering.

      Students may send a replacement if they are unable to attend but the replacement must meet the class prerequisites.

      EAC reserves the right to cancel classes five (5) business days or more before the class start date. In such unfortunate circumstances, we will make every effort to re-enroll the student in a similar class in the same facility or near the same start date, depending on the student’s preference. Fees and expenses related to class cancellations are the sole responsibility of the student

      In the event of inclement weather, classes will follow the same procedures:

      • Private and Public classes run per announcement with a default late start time of 9:00 a.m.
      • Private on-site site classes at the customer’s location or facility are guided by the client’s inclement weather or cancellation policy.
      • For PTC Training Courses held at our Burnsville, Minnesota training facility – weather announcements will be updated on WCCO Radio/TV.


Unlimited Audit Policy

    • All published classes at EAC Product Development Solutions feature an Unlimited Audit Guarantee. This allows students to audit (retake or re-sit) any class they have already attended as many times as they like for up to 12 months from the date of the original enrollment at no additional charge.*

      We encourage students to take classes again at no charge when they feel the need for whatever reason, or no reason at all. At EAC we feel that training is an investment that should not be taken lightly. While most students do not feel the need to “re-take” a course, sometimes it can be a valuable experience to re-visit the material. These audits are available only for publically scheduled classes at our facility.

      Why Audit Classes?

      We feel it can be an added value for students to audit their classes at our facility. Some students are not able to jump right in and utilize the new skills they have learned, or do not get the software as soon as they have hoped and an audit is very valuable. Whatever the reason, we are happy to accommodate our students. The audit policy applies to classes taken at any of EAC’s training facilities and applies to EAC Live!TM remote students as well.

      About Our Retake Policy

      EAC Product Development Solutions does not limit the number of audits. While it is rare that a student audit a class more than once, we do offer it as an option within the 12 month period from the initial enrollment. Students should keep in mind that there are a limited number of available seats in a class. Priority seating is given to students who have not previously attended the same class. There must be seats available for the class the student is requesting to audit. If there are no seats available for the class date requested, students may want to contact EAC closer to the class date to determine if any seats have become available or to request to audit the class on different date it is offered. Auditing students should be aware that there is always a chance that they could be “bumped” into the next class if the original date requested were to fill up with paying students; EAC reserves the right to reschedule an audit student in this event. An audit student will not be “bumped” or re-scheduled without first being notified.

      Audit of the following training are not available:

      • Private Mentoring
      • Private on-site classes
      • Consulting
      • Classes where the fee is paid to anyone other than EAC Product Development Solutions.
      *If a student wishes to repeat a class, they must bring their original courseware. If the student manual has significantly changed since the student originally took the class the student is able to request an updated manual. Expenses for the student manual are the responsibility of the student and will be charged at the same cost as is charged to EAC. Request for a student manual must be made five business days prior to the start date of the class and must be accompanied with payment for the student manual at the time of request. Only students who attended the original class will only be allowed into a class as an auditor, no substitutions or transfers between individuals are allowed.


Early Enrollment Policy

    • Students will save 10% off the list price of any EAC Product Development Services instructor-led training course when enrollment is completed more than 15 business days prior the start of the course.

      Early Enrollments must meet all requirement to qualify for the stated discount, they are:

      • Student(s) must be completely registered more than 15 business days prior to the scheduled start of the class
      • Complete registration consists of: identified publically scheduled course, secured form of payment (credit card, PO, check, etc.), complete student organization, name and email of individual(s) that will be attending


      • This offer only applies when all of the following conditions are met:
      • The course must exist on the public schedule at the time of registration – private on-site training, private in-center training or mentoring does not qualify
      • The course must be an Instructor-led training engagement; eLearning subscriptions and other “virtual” training does not qualify – EACLive! remote learning does qualify
      • Enrollment fees must be paid by pre-authorized payment such as: purchase order (PO), credit card, authorized electronic funds transfer (EFT) or other valid form of payment more than 15 business days prior to the scheduled start of class. If valid payment or authorization for payment is received less than 15 business days prior to the start of class the student will forfeit the “Early Enrollment Incentive” discount and be charged the full list price for the course.
      • This offer is not valid for previous purchases
      • This offer is not valid in conjunction with other offers and may not be combined with other discount offers or coupons

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