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How Your IoT Platform Supports Your IoT Strategy

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of connecting your products to the IoT, but don’t let that hinder your organizations long-term vision. Selecting an IoT platform that supports your IoT strategy can transform the way you connect your products. That is why we always coach our clients to select an IoT platform (software) that fits their needs best.

Why I’m Not Telling You About the IoT

As I was sipping on my coffee and brainstorming how to begin writing this blog, I had an epiphany. I could sit here and tell you about 6 ways to build an effective IoT strategy, I could. Or I could tell you to go to this page, and download a brochure that discusses everything I would have mentioned…

IoT: Strategy, Connected Things, and Platform

The Internet of Things (IoT) sits atop a 3-legged stool. Each leg is as important as the next. If any are missing it all falls down. What are these all-important legs you ask? Strategy, Connected Things, and Platform. All of the buzz and hype, all of the conversations I’ve had with manufacturing and product development…

The 5 Layers of an IoT Connected Thing

I’d like to challenge the notion that the value of the product can’t be improved upon. I wouldn’t approach it by redesigning the core product, rather transforming it by shifting value and enhancing what the product is through connectivity via the Internet of Things (IoT).

Why bother with the IoT?

Why would you want to get involved with the IoT? Maybe to understand your product, make a deeper connection with customers, create a new business model, increase revenue or even build a new revenue stream. The key to getting involved with the IoT is to have a strategy – figure out why you want to be part of the IoT and then go do it.

IoT – Internet of Things or Internet of Tomatoes?

Regardless of the term you use, the real intent of any of these IoT projects is to generate some additional value. That could be from more capability, deeper customer interaction, predictive maintenance, new revenue streams, market share, knowledge of how the product is being used or many other scenarios. I thought it would be fun to leverage it for gardening!

Updating ThingWorx Using an Arduino Uno and a Serial Connection

Connecting to ThingWorx with the Arduino is easy if you possess an Ethernet or WiFi Shield but you can still connect without one! Using the Processing language you can send data from your Arduino to a computer via a serial connection and push it to ThingWorx

Getting Started with the Arduino Uno and ThingWorx

This is a brief tutorial that will show you how to connect your Arduino Uno to ThingWorx and upload values to a ThingWorx “Thing.” You will learn how to set up a ThingShape, a Thing, a Service within your ThingShape, and an Application Key. And you’ll learn how to program your Arduino Uno to start sending data to your ThingWorx Things!