Smart Manufacturing

Smart Connected Enterprise

A Smart Connected Enterprise is the foundation for smart manufacturing.
A connected enterprise is a company that leverages the Industrial IoT  to build new channels of revenue and profitability using the right software and services needed for their digital transformation journey. Utilize data generated from smart connected products and smart connected operations to provide overall improved shareholder experiences, streamlined operations, and maximized profitability within your organization. 

Smart Connected Products

Smart Connected Products are comprised of the ‘things’ in the Internet of Things (IoT) that have connectivity components which allow the product’s operating environment to exist in the cloud. The real-time data collected and pushed to the cloud informs the user (for example via smartphone app) to provide actionable suggestions used for decision-making.

Smart Connected Operations

Smart Connected Operations allow manufacturing employees on the shop floor to access real-time data that automatically generates customized, easy-to-understand insights. You can solve operational challenges faster with embedded sensors in smart connected products and perform maintenance ahead of time with predictive analytics.

How do I start building a foundation for a smart connected enterprise?

EAC Product Development Solutions uses PTC’s ThingWorx to connect smart products and smart operations. ThingWorx is an IoT platform that allows you to connect to your products in the field. Connected service with ThingWorx allows you to connect and observe product performance, enable predictive analytics, and assess service needs for optimizing product performance and first-time fix rates.

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