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An Easy Way to Create Digital Work Instructions for Service

Augmented Reality (AR) and Assisted Reality for digital work instructions have become a growth driver, or at least consideration, for many industries. Yet moving everything from paper or ‘digital hard-copy’ to digital AR experiences seems to be a daunting task for large and small organizations alike. The truth is, there are many ways to incorporate…

Making Service Information Accurate, Relevant, & Accessible

If your organization creates service information, work instructions, installation operator guides, user guides, technical instructions, service manuals, or even service procedure bulletins – it’s time to rethink your process. Let’s talk about how to make your service information accurate, relevant and accessible. Defects in products happen, but in the case that a product needs to…

Making the Case for Arbortext and Dynamic Publishing

Many businesses rely on one or two technical writers to collect all required technical and digital information needed to create technical and marketing publications. Most of this effort is manual, using the tried and true method of emailing, calling, and walking down the hall to bug technical resources for information or a screen grab; over…

The Value of Creo Illustrate

In this article you will learn what Creo Illustrate can do for you, and exactly what value it brings to the table. You will also discover how Creo Illustrate addresses many issues faced by OEMs and engineering organizations. In order to fully grasp what Creo Illustrate can do for you, you must understand the current…

Creating Value from Part Data

Service parts management provides an out-of-the-box method of generating Part Lists for the technical documentation community from a single source of information allowing organizations to be able to greatly improve the process of information delivery.

Revolutionizing Book Assembly with SIM

One challenge when working with technical information is that publications can be very large. Several hundred pages is not unusual and in some cases over a thousand pages are necessary to describe complex service procedures and part catalogs. Authoring and assembling large books can be a painful process as the sheer size can be taxing…

Why we’re here

Why we’re here

Jun 25, 2014

Our business revolves around our customers and clients doing things better. We work hard to be the best product development solutions provider in the world. We strive to do what’s right and maintain transparency with our customers. We work to find areas where our clients can work smarter to become more productive and profitable.

EAC Acquires the Arbortext Business Unit of TerraXML

EAC has acquired the Arbortext Business Unit of TerraXML. This acquisition makes EAC unique in providing a complete end-to-end systematized solution set for managing product information, executing processes within that system, and publishing relevant information both inside and outside the enterprise.