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Making Service Information Accurate, Relevant, & Accessible

If your organization creates service information, work instructions, installation operator guides, user guides, technical instructions, service manuals, or even service procedure bulletins – it’s time to rethink your process. Let’s talk about how to make your service information accurate, relevant and accessible. Defects in products happen, but in the case that a product needs to…

Leverage augmented reality to enhance your service strategy

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way companies design, manufacture, and service their products and manufacturing floors. ‘Service’ is one of the most notable areas to be impacted by this wave of technology and connected devices. Monitoring assets in the field and on the shop floor gives service technicians access to usage, error,…

How Connected Products Are Changing Service

Here’s how connected products are changing service. Connected products optimize business processes Lets face it, business is all about efficiency – taking costs and time out of products and processes. This is exactly how connected products optimize business processes. Connected products provide organizations with access to real-time data that is combined with existing system information to…

Connecting to Salesforce with ThingWorx

One of the great aspects of ThingWorx is the ability to connect disparate data silos to a central IoT hub. Many of these silos are made accessible through Web APIs. RESTful Web APIs enable developers to pull data from an inexhaustible number of sources around the web; often using nothing but a HTTP URI. Salesforce has an extensive…

Getting Started with the Arduino Uno and ThingWorx

This is a brief tutorial that will show you how to connect your Arduino Uno to ThingWorx and upload values to a ThingWorx “Thing.” You will learn how to set up a ThingShape, a Thing, a Service within your ThingShape, and an Application Key. And you’ll learn how to program your Arduino Uno to start sending data to your ThingWorx Things!

Improving Workflows in Tech Pub Translation – Part 2

Creating Ideal Translation Workflows for Optimum Results  In Part Two of this post on coupling products for translation, we’ll discuss the specific steps that are required to implement complete translation projects – from managing technical content objects to managing costs and file collaboration. Refer to Part One for the overall solution design which shows the strengths of…

Improving Workflows in Tech Pub Translation

Why Translation Workflows Matter For companies who require product documentation to be localized for regional use, the sheer number of translated objects makes translation management very important to the business and organization as a whole. Suppose, for the purpose of simple math, that you are translating to 9 languages. One source language plus 9 target…

EAC Acquires the Arbortext Business Unit of TerraXML

EAC has acquired the Arbortext Business Unit of TerraXML. This acquisition makes EAC unique in providing a complete end-to-end systematized solution set for managing product information, executing processes within that system, and publishing relevant information both inside and outside the enterprise.

The Right Mouse Button in Creo

There is a simple way to reduce mouse travel and clicks when working in Creo Parametric. Use the Right Mouse Button. The right mouse button (RMB) gives you several menu options depending on what mode you are in and what you are currently doing.