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Service Lifecycle Management 101

A customer purchased your product. Is that the end of your relationship or the beginning? To stay competitive and keep customers satisfied, companies are finding they need to provide more value. Instead of treating a product sale as end point with a customer, successful companies are thinking about how to provide value to customers as…

Start Creating Powerful AR Experiences with ThingWorx Studio

Augmented Reality uses devices such as smart glasses and phone applications to overlay digital information on the real world. The resulting experiences provide a convergence of digital and physical worlds. Isn’t this what we’ve all been waiting for? For technology to catch up with us? How did we end up here? Where did it all…

EAC Acquires the Arbortext Business Unit of TerraXML

EAC has acquired the Arbortext Business Unit of TerraXML. This acquisition makes EAC unique in providing a complete end-to-end systematized solution set for managing product information, executing processes within that system, and publishing relevant information both inside and outside the enterprise.