Top 3 IoT Articles of the Month

This month, my top 3 IoT articles include 7 quick facts everyone should know about the IoT, personal insight from leading technology companies, and how Team USA cycling is using the IoT to enhance their strategy.

What Everyone Should Know About the Internet of Things
Forbes Technology Council

What Everyone Should Know About The Internet Of Things

I liked this article because it laid out 7 facts about the IoT than people should know. While most people have heard about the IoT it’s easy for information to be miscommunicated or simply not understood. This article explains how devices can interact with each other, the concept of privacy and security measures, voice control possibilities, and more.

What the IoT Means to Me
Product Lifecycle Report

What the IoT Means to Me

It has never been more important to understand the IoT and how it can shift value in your organization. The industry is full of engineers and developers talking about the IoT. While its a popular subject, what does the IoT really mean? Read this article to find out what leading technology companies had to say when asked what the IoT meant to them.

The Internet of Things Technology In The Velodrome: Team USA Cycling

The Internet Of Things Technology In The Velodrome: Team USA CyclingThis article especially caught my interest. How incredible is it that athletes are able to collect training data to draw meaningful insight? The Women’s USA Cycling Team has been working with IBM for the last year. The training data collected allowed the athletes and coaches to adjust their on-track strategy and tactics.

These are my picks for the month. They’re all great articles about the IoT, what you need to know, what it means to the industry, and how it can be used. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Feel free to share some of your favorite IoT related articles with me too!

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