ANSYS Inc. is the largest engineering simulation company in the world. More than 40,000 customers trust ANSYS products with their most difficult product design challenges.

ANSYS develops, markets, and supports engineering simulation software used to predict how products will behave and how manufacturing processes will operate in real-world environments.

How can ANSYS help your team?

ANSYS technology brings designers and engineers clarity and insight to product development processes through fast, accurate, and reliable simulation. By simulating early and often with the software, your team can become more cost-effective and innovative with your designs.

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Which ANSYS products do we offer?

ANSYS AIM is a computer-aided design (CAD) software that pushes the limits of world-class technology so that designers and engineers can turn their concepts into successful, innovative products.


ANSYS Discovery Live provides instantaneous 3D simulation, coupled with direct geometry modeling, to enable interactive design exploration and rapid product innovation.

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Check out the newest features in the ANSYS 19 Release

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