Augmented Reality Gallery 

Explore ways you can apply augmented reality to your organization with our augmented reality gallery by watching the short demo and then experience it for yourself. Scan the ThingMark or Spatial Target with your smartphone, tablet, or wearable AR device on the Vuforia View App. 

How can I apply augmented reality to my organization?


Review your designs to the fullest extent with virtual prototyping

This shows a virtual prototyping or design review application. The user can see the full assembly, proceed to an exploded view, and then see an “X-ray” view where the internal components can be observed in motion.


Manage critical data to be able to customize your products

This shows how a virtual product demo might look. The user chooses one of several faucets placed onto a virtual sink to how the faucets look on your own countertop surface at home. Then a Buy button takes you to the vendor web site to order the product.


Perform maintenance and repairs on equipment with 3D instructions

This shows a maintenance procedure, removal of a component from a piece of equipment. The animation sequence provides step-by-step instructions for removing the faulty part and makes additional information available via menus and popup displays.

Experience the power of Augmented Reality by downloading the Vuforia View App

Available to download for free on the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and the Microsoft Windows store.

Download ThingWorx View | EAC Product Development Solutions

Vuforia View
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After you’ve downloaded the Vuforia View App, follow these simple instructions to get started.

Select Experience | EACPDS

Select Experience

Scan ThingMark | EACPDS

Scan ThingMark

Experience | EACPDS

Enjoy AR Experience

Scan Spatial Target | EACPDS

Scan Spatial Target

library icon | EACPDS

Tap Library Icon

library tab | EACPDS

Tap Library Tab

Select Experience | EACPDS

Select Experience

Point at Flat Surface | EACPDS

Point at a Flat Surface

Experience | EACPDS

Enjoy AR Experience

Value of AR Across the Enterprise


Collaborate Design Review

Digital Design

Augmented Interface


Maintenance Work Instructions

Performance Dashboards

Operator & Assembly Work Instructions


Virtual Product Demonstration

Augmented Brand Experience

Retail Space Optimization


Service Manual & Instructions

Service Inspection &

Remote Expertise



Safety & Security Training

Expert Coaching



Augmented Operator Manual

Augmented Interface

We’re confident we have the perfect AR solution for you.

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