Outgrown Your Current PDM Software?

Extend your product data management (PDM) software to solve the problems that are holding you back.

Manage, Share, and Review Data with Ease

Companies that have outgrown their PDM solutions need to act fast. Find out how to extend your PDM solution to deal with more than 100,000 + model and drawings. Be more efficient with your change and configuration management processes. Make sure that data is managed accurately across multiple teams and sites.

BOM Management

Is your company struggling with these types of Product Data Management Challenges?

  • With more than 100,000 + models and drawings to manage, you’ve hit the limits with your PDM solution
  • A more advanced change and configuration management has become a must
  • Managing data across multiple teams and sites is a struggle

Many leading companies have solved these challenges and more by embracing our PLM and PDM solutions.

Change Management

Explore a PDM solution built to handle process complexity

Extend your existing PDM/PLM to tame the complexity of working in multi-CAD environments. Choose a deployment option that best suits your needs – on-premise, cloud, or SaaS. In particular, our cloud-based Windchill solutions help teams of every size in every industry manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle, from concept through service and retirement.

Role and Task Based Access

Customers that integrate PTC PLM solutions with SolidWorks to better manage their product data:

  • Longi Magnet, the leading Asian supplier of magnetic equipment, reduces time-to-market through improvements in change management and data search.
  • Hagler Systems, dredging and mining equipment maker, establishes a single company source for engineering data and introduces new product development, change, and configuration management processes.
  • Moldwell, maker of injection molding machines, tracks version history, establishes an electronic approval process, and protects IP.
  • Sulzer Pumps, a global manufacturer of pumps, establishes a PLM foundation able to manage multiple CAD tools and improves IP protection.
  • Changsha EPOCH, a supplier of numerical control machine equipment, reduces IT costs by 20%, part numbers by 25%, and time to find design data by 70%.
Tech Clarity - PDM Buyer's Guide | EAC Product Development Solutions

Tech-Clarity PDM Buyer’s Guide

Industry experts Tech-Clarity offer this CAD Data Management and PDM Buyer’s Guide to help select the best solution for your business needs. Read the guide to better understand what to look for in your PDM solution based on:

  • Capabilities to control, access and share crucial product data.
  • Implementation, adoption and support criteria.
  • Vendor requirements and special considerations.
PDM in the PTC Cloud | EAC Product Development Solutions

Product Data Management: How do you stack up against your peers?

Without effective product data management (PDM), product designers face daily challenges that distract them from key design activities. How are other companies addressing the issue? Are they facing similar challenges?

PTC surveyed 250 manufacturers of all sizes to find out and highlighted the results in this infographic showing:

  • Top concerns related to PDM solutions.
  • Top capabilities looked for in a PDM solution.
  • Types of PDM solutions in use today.
PTC & the Modern Product Data Management System | EAC Product Development Solutions

PTC & the Modern Product Data Management System

Within today’s highly competitive, geographically dispersed design and manufacturing environments, effectively managing product content has never been more important. This ebook introduces PTC’s PDM solutions – enabling engineering teams to better manage, share, and review their product data – and provides in-depth demonstrations to the various PDM capabilities.

PDM in the PTC Cloud | EAC Product Development Solutions

PDM in the PTC Cloud

Discover how you can increase productivity and ensure secure collaboration by managing your product data in the PTC Cloud.

Enterprise PLM in the Cloud | EAC Product Development Solutions

Enterprise PLM in the Cloud Infographic

Find out how to address the top issues concerning most organizations about traditional PLM solutions.

PLM for Companies using AutoCAD | EAC Product Development Solutions

PLM for Companies using AutoCAD

Find out how our customers integrating our PLM with AutoCAD drive success and profitability.

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