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Quickly deliver Augmented Reality (AR) experiences for the industrial enterprise with PTC’s AR authoring tool, Vuforia Studio.

Augmented Reality Solutions

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Start creating AR experiences today by downloading a free 30 day trial of Vuforia Studio on PTC’s website.

Augmented Reality Solution - Vuforia Studio | EAC Product Development Solutions

What is Vuforia Studio?

PTC’s Vuforia Studio provides industrial companies with tools to quickly create and widely deliver AR content that transforms operations, facilitates knowledge transfer, and improves profitability.

How does Vuforia Studio help my organization?

Vuforia Studio can:

  • Reduce development costs – rapidly create content without programming
  • Accelerate content creation – use existing 3D CAD and animated sequences
  • Streamline enterprise scalability – access and view experiences from a single app
  • Easily provide insight – leverage real-time IoT and business systems data

Microsoft Hololens + Vuforia Studio

When paired with Vuforia Studio, the Microsoft Hololens is a wearable device that brings Mixed Reality to life. The Hololens has built-in support for gestures and voice commands that allows you to rapidly create AR experiences to enhance sales efforts with virtual product demonstrations, improve service/maintenance with hands-free work instruction and enable knowledge transfer for more effective training.

Vuforia Studio and Microsoft Hololens | EAC Product Development Solutions
Vuforia Studio Assisted Reality | EAC Product Development Solutions

Accelerating Industrial Workforce Productivity with Assisted Reality

Easily create scalable user interactions leveraging existing or new 2D content such as assembly procedure documents, videos, and real-time data. Vuforia Studio allows industrial workers in Manufacturing, Service, Quality Assurance, Maintenance, and Training to benefit from “hands-free” assisted reality experiences.

Gain a competitive advantage by creating AR experiences with Vuforia Studio

Transform your service operations by using the right augmented reality authoring tool to deliver powerful design scalability. PTC’s Vuforia Studio leverages 3D data, animated sequences, and IoT data to help reduce development cost and complexity.

Vuforia Studio Download Free Trial | EAC Product Development Solutions

Download a free trial of Vuforia Studio

  • Empower service technicians with guided step-by-step work instructions
  • Improve assembly time and process efficiency in manufacturing workflows
  • Enhance sales/marketing with 3D product visualizations & demonstrations
  • Collaborate with design reviews and reduce the need for costly prototypes

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